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As our Cableware Division is partnered with Loos & Co., Inc. under CWI, it gives us a massive range of options as a precision machining company. Often times, our competitors have to order bar stock for preicsion machining overseas. Having to go through this process means that you will often expereince longer wait times to get your precision parts. Thankfully, we have an alternative! Thanks to CWI, our parent company, we have access to high-quality, domestically manufactured bar stock at our various facilities. Having bar stock readily available means that we have much faster wait times for custom parts than our competitors!  

Here are some features of CWI’s Bar Stock:

  • Available in bars up to 0.750 inches
  • Material is usually supplied to 12 foot random lengths
  • Over 30 types of stainless stseel alloys available
  • Use in various indsutries, including aerospace, automotive, industrial, oil & gas, and precision machining

CWI's Bar Stock Alloys:

  • 15-7
  • 17-4/17-4PH
  • 302 HQ
  • 303
  • 304/304L
  • 305
  • 307
  • 316HQ
  • 321
  • 347
  • 410
  • 430L
  • 431
  • 440A
  • 440C
  • A286/660
  • 13-8 Mo
  • 302 HQ
  • 304/403 L
  • 316/316L/316LVM
  • Inconel® 600
  • Inconel® 718
  • Invar 36
  • Monel® 400
  • Monel® K500
  • X750
  • Copper Base Alloys Available

If you would like to learn about our additional services for bar stock, check out CWI’s product page here

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