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metal drill bit make holes in steel billet with lubricating liquid on industrial drilling machine. Copper



If electrical conductivity is at the top of your priorities when searching for a material to use in your next custom machine part or project, it is hard to find a better metal than copper. It is a relatively low-cost material that, alongside its electrical resistance properties, can also conduct heat. The reason that copper is inexpensive is due to its high machinability rating. High machinability means it is not difficult for the metal to be machined. The easier it is for a metal to be cut is typically reflected in the final costs of the product. Learn about the industries and applications that are suited to copper by reading below.


Many professionals seek conductivity properties in metal at a low cost, which is why many continue to choose copper for custom parts and projects. The numerous resistance and conductivity capabilities of this metal are why it is a highly popular choice in countless industries and applications. Here is a list of the industries where copper is frequently used:


Another benefit of copper is its good corrosion resistance. While some metals easily rust without a protective coating, it has the ability to resist rust without additional coatings. As the metal can conduct heat, it is also easy to shape, making it ideal for custom machined parts or projects. Below is a list of a few of the applications that copper is used in:

When you want excellent electrical conductivity, heat conductivity, rust resistance, and an inexpensive cost for your next custom machined part or project, we recommend choosing copper! If you have any questions about our materials or machining process, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our skilled craftsmen.

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