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Our facility is certified to AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015, and we are QPL/QPM listed for a number of Mil-Spec components.  Loos’ Quality Control department is committed to maintaining this level of consistency by rigorously inspecting each lot that moves through our facility. You can rely on us to deliver your product on-time and to your requirements whether your industry is Aerospace, Medical, Industrial, or Commercial. We practice continual improvement to ensure customer satisfaction. Our business plan documents our commitment to meet customer requirements through specific, measurable objectives. Management reviews the effectiveness of our quality policy and quality management system on a regular basis. We communicate the results of these reviews to employees throughout the organization.


Quality Management Loos

We understand that exactitude can be crucial to your success, which in turn makes it crucial to ours. When you work with LPP, you get the peace of mind of knowing we adhere to quality standards that are a cut above the competition. We treat every lot as an essential piece of a puzzle to guarantee that all of your requirements are complied with. The quality process is streamlined in a way that allows for your product to arrive on-time, every time. In the world of precision machining, quality can never be a second thought. We adhere to the highest possible standards to make sure all of your precision machining parts needs are met with regard to project scope and industry.

If you have further questions about our quality practices or wish to submit a new project, please contact us and knowledgeable personnel will return your inquiry promptly. 

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