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Testing and inspection are crucial components at Loos Precision Products. We want to ensure that all of our machines and products are constantly performing at their very best in an effort to adhere to the unique requirements of our clients’ needs. All of our machines are consistently maintained to guarantee reliable, maximum manufacturing potential. Loos’ Quality Control department is committed to maintaining a level of consistency on par with our certifications in the way we rigorously inspect each lot that moves through our facility. Certified to AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 and QPL/QPM listed for a number of Mil-Spec components, you can be certain you are receiving materials that are carefully inspected to guarantee a product of the highest quality and durability. We thoroughly test and inspect various aspects of your product, including hardness testing and surface roughness testing. This means you can be certain you are receiving a product that will hold up over time, no matter your application.

Testing/Inspection Equipment Practices:

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
High-resolution dimensional inspection
Functional tension, compression, and elongation testing
Hardness testing of steel and aluminum
Crack, weld flaws, and other defect detection
Surface roughness testing
Statistical analysis & process capability (CP & CPK)
Production trends


Once your precision-machined components are tested and inspected, they make their way to our quality department and are then reported for our records in compliance with our high standards. A test and inspection report allows us to record important detail about your product(s) after the testing and inspection process, evaluating the condition of the parts prior to their delivery to you. Maintaining these records allows us to provide you with the service and product you have come to expect from Loos Precision Products. With a commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality products, reporting is a crucial component of our streamlined testing and inspection process. 

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