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Metal Grinding Equipment


Boasting the best equipment in the industry with many years of experience means you can rely on us to deliver precisely what you need, every time. If you have high-volume requirements, we have the answer — our manual surface grinding machines are made for just that. Meeting and maintaining tolerances as small as .0001” is only one reason you should consider Loos Precision Products for all your precision machining needs. We have the capabilities, equipment, and know-how to deliver exactly what you need. 

Grinding, Drilling, Stamping, & More

  • 4 Presses with 37-500 Ton Capacity
  • 3 Nardini Tool Room Lathe
  • 3 Bridgeports (1 w/Prototrak)
  • 6 Automatic Dumore Drill Units
  • 1 4-Station Deep Drill Unit
  • 1 Universal Grinder
  • 3 Surface Grinders
  • 2 Heat Treat Ovens
  • #4 Hydraulic Presses
  • 1 Spot Welder
  • 6 Precision High Production Saws w/ Auto Feeding and Clamping
  • 4 Stamp Presses
  • 2 Roll Thread Machines – 15 Ton, 2 Die
  • In-house Passivation (per ASTM A967 standard)
  • In-house Powder Coat line
Metal Plate Surface Industrial Grinding

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