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Every year talks about the current state of the environment and climate change issues contiue to rise and become more concerning for people worldwide. At LPP, we recognize the importance of these concerns and we are committed to making a meaningful difference. To show that we are committed to this movement in more ways than a simple meesage, we have been working hard to figure out how we can expand LPP to become a precision parts manufacturer for those within environmentally friendly industries. We provide precision machined parts for those in hydro, wind turbines, and solar power sectors. 

Why Did LPP Choose These Industries?

Simply put, these reneweable energy sectors are truly making a difference in ensuring the suststainability of our planet. The groundbreaking technology that allows for renewable energy sources to be sufficient is highly complex, meaning the requirement for precision parts are endless. Everyone at LPP is proud to know that the work being completed for renewable energy related parts is meaningful and will help combat the enviornmental issues that the planet will face in the years to come. 

What Else Does LPP do for Environmental Awareness?

We are very excited about our recent addition of our additive manufacturing services in the form of 3D printing. 3D printing is great for the environment as the parts are being created from the raw materials and no excessive material will be wasted. LPP is also continually striving to look into new environmentally friendly projects to continue to help support the cause. If you want to find out more about how Loos & Co., Inc. is committed to change, check out our environmental initatives webpage here. 

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