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Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division

As our Cableware Division is partnered with Loos & Co., Inc. under CWI, it gives us a massive range of options as a manufacturing company. Often times, companies in the medical indsutry that require precision parts are also searching for medical wire, cable, and strand products. Thankfully, Loos and Company specializes in this business. By choosing to shop with LPP, you also have access to our Medical Technologies Division.

Some of Loos & Co., Inc.’s main medical products include: 

  • Braiding Wire
  • Cable Assemblies
  • ELASTICORE® Medical Extrusion Wire
  • Medical Strand & Cable
  • Round & Flat Stainless Alloy Wire


If you would like to learn about our additional services for the medical industry beyond LPP, check out Loos & Co., Inc.’s Medical Technologies Division website here

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